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Flex Banner Flag Options

Double Sided

If you want your flag's messaging or branding to be visible from both sides, our double sided custom feather flags are the way to go. Print your design on both sides of the flag or a different design on each side

To design the back side, simply click the "Back Side" button once the double sided option is selected.


Single Sided

Far less common than a double sided Flex Banner flag, our flags can be printed only on one side if needed. Single sided signs will be "print through" meaning that your design and/or text will be somewhat visible from the backside, but to any extent of visibility the design will appear mirrored instead of duplicated on the back side.



Flex Banner flags are great outdoor signs due to their versatility, durability, and weather resistance. We recommend using either a ground stake, square base, or base with water bag for outdoor installations. With the exception of severe weather, your feather flags can be used outdoors year round.



Used indoors, Flex Banner flags are a versatile sign option for events, expos, conferences, directional needs and much more. We recommend using either a square base or cross base for indoor use.



Digitally printed on 4 oz. polyester, your flag will not only be extremely durable and weather resistant but have vibrant and clear colors.


Get a flag with custom colors, text, fonts, images, and logos all unique to your business. No restrictions on your design elements or colors!

Assembling Your Flex Banner Flag

Flex Banner flags are assembled by unfolding the polyester graphic, assembling the aluminum and fiberglass pole set, and then sliding your polyester flag over the assembled pole set. Your feather flag is then able to be placed on one of the four bases offered.

Taking Care of Your Flex Banner Flag

Maintaining and taking proper care of your feather will ensure it will last for years to come. These polyester feather flags are machine washable but should not be ironed or machine dried.

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